PC Tune Up

PC’s, over a period of time, will inevitably become slower. Spyware, Malware, tracking cookies from websites, browser tool bars and add-ins, temporary application files, and general fragmentation of the data stored of you hard disk will all contribute to this slow down.To combat these problems, we offer the ‘PC Tune Up’ service. The health check for your computer.

After the initial collection of your machine, we run a number of checks and procedures on it, in order to get it running with the performance the manufacturer originally intended it to run with.

These procedures and checks include:

We can also optionally remove, at your discretion, Windows Restore Points and any unwanted software that has been installed onto your machine during its lifetime. We use a number of tools to accomplish these tasks, all used by major IT suppliers and all leading products in their respective fields. Typically, on a machine around 12 months old, this will recover over 10Gb of storage. Storage that be better utilised by you, to store your data.

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